Saber Corporate Integrity Agreement

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Saber Corporate Integrity Agreement: Ensuring Ethical Business Practices

In order to eliminate fraudulent practices in health care organizations, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) has taken strict measures. One such measure is the Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA). Saber Healthcare Group is one organization that has signed a CIA with the OIG.

What is a Corporate Integrity Agreement?

A Corporate Integrity Agreement or CIA is a legally binding agreement between the OIG and a healthcare organization. The agreement sets out a series of measures that the company must follow in order to ensure that they maintain ethical business practices. This includes compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations, as well as the implementation of effective internal compliance programs.

The Saber Corporate Integrity Agreement

Saber Healthcare Group is a long-term care provider that has been operating for over 20 years. The company provides rehabilitation services, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities and hospice care. In 2020, Saber signed a CIA with the OIG, which will be in effect for five years. The agreement includes a detailed list of measures that Saber must abide by. Some of these measures include:

– Hiring a Compliance Officer who will report directly to the CEO.

– Conducting regular risk assessments and developing effective compliance programs.

– Training all Saber employees on the CIA and compliance requirements.

– Implementing a system to prevent kickbacks and fraudulent billing practices.

– Requiring all Saber vendors and contractors to sign a compliance agreement.

What are the benefits of a CIA?

Signing a CIA can have several benefits for a healthcare organization. Firstly, it demonstrates a commitment to ethical business practices and compliance with the law. This can help to build trust with clients, stakeholders and the wider community. Secondly, a CIA can help to prevent fraudulent practices and reduce the risk of legal action.


Saber Healthcare Group has taken a proactive step to ensure that the company maintains high standards of ethical business practices. The Corporate Integrity Agreement signed with the OIG will be in effect for five years and require Saber to implement a range of measures to prevent fraudulent practices. Ultimately, the agreement will benefit the organization, its employees, clients and stakeholders, by promoting transparency and compliance with the law.